Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Several months ago, Nichole Heady posted her ribbon shelf that her husband made for her, it was perfect! I asked DH last winter if he could build me one, he said when it got a little warmer in the garage, well it got warm and still no shelf. It was too hot now, so when it cools off he told me. WELL, I out smarted him, my birthday was the beginning of the month, and that's what I told him I wanted! :) He couldn't put it off any longer...haha. When we went to buy the sheet of Bead Board(they come in pre-cut half sheets) we decided instead of cutting it down, we would just use the whole piece, this determined how large my shelf would be. Since it is so large(2&1/2'x4'), I decided that i didn't need all of that storage for ribbon, so i had him put a couple of shelves using the 1x4 boards. There are 41 rolls of ribbon on the top shelf so far,I'm thinking it will hold about 55 per shelf. The bottom shelf is 1x4 also, making it perfect for the larger spools of seam binding. I was going to have DH hang it on the wall, but I think I might just like it where it is at.

The unfortunate thing is, the first 30 rolls of PTI ribbon that I bought, I took off of the spools and put into these jars. I wish I had those empty spools back now!

Before I go, I wanted to share these adorable boxes that I bought at TJMaxx. They go perfect with my room, I just love them!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stitches and Swirls

 As soon as I watched Heather Nichols video, I knew which set I wanted to use for this challenge. This stamp isn't all that big, but it sure was time consuming!! After I stitched the design ,I went back and highlighted some of it with Copics.

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